Life is returning to normal and I have welcomed it with open arms. Each day gets a little bit easier and I can tell I am healing very well. My energy levels are getting better and I am just ready to feel more like “me”.

I strapped on my FitBit finally and I am ready to see where I stand. I know it’s nowhere near my before surgery counts, but I figure it’s time to start measuring my progress. One of my best friends is ready to start pushing me along with my walking to help me build my strength back before I restart my Zumba® fitness classes in a couple of weeks. C and I also have our first 5K together in 13 days. Obviously we are walking this one.

If you’re a little squeamish, you might want to stop reading now. I’m going to show you my incisions. Mostly because this is my space and I talk about everything here. And my tummy is healing really, really well and I’m pretty proud of it!

See? Not so bad at all. I have five incisions and I don’t really notice them until I shower or when I tried to roll onto my right side a few days after surgery. I thought I was supposed to have four incisions, but I discovered the far right one that way a couple of days later. I’m not really sure why I have it, but I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when I go back for my follow up appointment.

My stomach doesn’t swell unless I sit upright all day either. Everything has healed very nicely and gone right back in place. I lost about 10 pounds before surgery and I have managed to keep it off so far. I am really pleased with that as well.

This weekend we went to my parents’ cabin two hours away. The ride wasn’t bad at all and I was able to rest with my whole family. My brother’s family was there and all of the kids played together all weekend. We had the best time watching the Tennessee/Georgia game and were thrilled with the outcome!


C has been so sweet and helpful during my recovery. I have been very open and honest with him about my surgery and he is thrilled to know he’s my only child. He has helped me around the house, helped me carrying things, and even vacuumed. When I told him that I was sad that I had to walk my upcoming 5K, he volunteered to do it with me. I am truly blessed with a loving child and I enjoy these moments with him.


My husband has also been so amazing at taking care of me. He has literally taken on the role of a single parent in our home since surgery. He has cared for all of us without complaining once. I just feel so fortunate to have them both in my life and I couldn’t have gone through all of this so easily without them.


Football Life

Fall is football season around our home. I am not kidding when I explain to friends and family that my husband and son have football games on morning, noon, and night. My little boy wakes up watching football and falls asleep to it. Gone are the days of cartoons in our home. Honestly I am quite glad. There are some really strange cartoons on now. I’d rather him watch football.


When we aren’t playing football, we are practicing or talking football. Or fishing. There’s always fishing. This is the life of a country boy mom. Most of the time I joke about it, but I truly love it. I refuse to miss any of his games. I was three days post-surgery and I told everyone that I was going to see him play.


So my husband got a step stool out so I could get into his truck and he got me to the football field. I figured I could sit at home or sit to watch him play. I did not care that I had pajama bottoms on. They were at least our team colors.


And it was worth it! We won and C played great. He caused two fumbles and recovered one. I love seeing him play and it’s always exciting.


I went home to rest and the guys went with my parents to see the Tennessee Vols play the Florida Gators. We love the Vols and it was an awesome game! They tailgated before the game and had a great time. I got a chance to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.



Our team won and it was an awesome game! I am so glad C got to see this game, but I’m afraid it furthered the love of football even more.

The Other Side

Six days ago I had my surgery. I waited until I stopped all pain medicine before writing this so I could give a fair account of everything. I feel that stopping all pain medication less than a week after major surgery is pretty good considering my migraine history before surgery. Prior to this surgery, I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen and 300 mg of neurontin per day just to take the edge off of my daily pain. Many days I had to add something stronger.

Last Wednesday I had a hysterectomy via the da Vinci Surgical System to remove my uterus, cervix, tubes, and one ovary. During the procedure, the robot removed endometriosis that had spread to other areas. I was diagnosed with Stage IV endometriosis due to where it had spread. My surgeon was able to save one ovary and I do not have to deal with surgical menopause.

I was blessed to wake up from surgery with no nausea and get to go home. My sweet husband got me a pumpkin spice latte and drove me home. After a long nap, I woke up and saw my sweet, little boy bringing flowers and a balloon into my room.

The first couple of days of recovery are a blur of pain meds and naps. I have 5 one inch incisions across my stomach that aren’t too bad. I’ve worked some on days five and six, but I work at a desk job with people bringing me things. I also work with family so people are always checking up on me and will take me home as soon as I get tired.

Before surgery I could not take any pain meds for seven days. I suffered from an extreme migraine the day before surgery. When I woke up from surgery, I had no head pain. I have only had a slight headache coming off the stronger pain meds and I think that’s probably to be expected anyways. I have no head pressure, no tension, nothing. It stormed here and I didn’t feel it coming. I was able to nap through a thunderstorm for the first time in two years and it was amazing. I have no other way to describe it. I can sleep through the night and it is just peaceful. I wake up and I don’t fear what kind of day it’s going to be.

When I went into this surgery, I never imagined I had Stage IV endometriosis. I lived in daily pain, but I just sucked it up and dealt with it. I thought it was “normal” girl stuff. I didn’t know I was abnormal. I never had a normal cycle. And I never imagined that this was controlling my migraines. I know I might still have the occasional migraine triggered by other things in life, but for now it’s so much better and I am nothing but thankful.

My family has been so taken care of through this. My sweet friends have stopped by and brought a bunch of food, entertained me, and spoiled all of us beyond belief. I don’t know how we’d have survived without all of them, but we sure didn’t eat sandwiches for a solid week! My boys have pigged out on delicious food and it has been so appreciated. I can’t begin to tell them how much they mean to me, but I am surrounded by the best women in the world. They are my prayer warriors, workout buddies, and best friends. I am so blessed!

Right now I am sitting still just waiting. I am in awe and feeling so very blessed. I had to be still and I feel so much better now. I have so much that I can do now that I feel better. My body has prevented me from truly living for so long and now I have to be still and heal.

One week down, three until I am released. Who’s counting???

Not Ready Today

I realized today that I’ve only told a small group of people about my upcoming surgery. I didn’t really intend for it to be that way. I’m really an open book about things in life. When I started posting on Facebook that my Zumba® fitness classes were being put on hold a few weeks people messaged me privately to ask what was going on. I realized that I don’t mind telling anyone at all, but I’m almost not ready to tell some people. I just didn’t announce on my Facebook page that my girlie parts were being torn out since I figured the men friends wouldn’t appreciate that. I saved it for the blog and my Zumba® divas. I mean, who wants to talk ovaries and hysterectomies on Facebook? Not this girl. And how exactly am I supposed to start that conversation anyways? “Oh by the way, in a week they are cutting out all of my guts because my body is dysfunctional and I thought you would like to know…”

I’ve told my closest people. The ones who genuinely want to know how I’m doing and take the time to ask how my day is going. The people who invest in my life on a weekly basis and don’t suck the life out of me. I’ve told my family. I’ve told my best friends. That’s it. I’m not really ready to tell anyone else.

My dad mentioned it to someone at work and sure enough, they had to go into detail about how they had surgery and ended up with staph infection in their spine, lost a rib, and it was a three month long recovery. Nope, I didn’t really need that a week away from surgery day. Or I’ve got the people in my life who are so consumed with their own negativity and selves that they have not stopped for weeks to ask me what’s new in my life. Maybe I’d have told them what’s going on. But instead I have sat here quietly, listening to the never ending cycles of negativity, and offered my support.

At this point I’m just not sure I’m ready to tell anyone else and burst my safe bubble of happiness. If I tell anyone else I might hear another surgical horror story. I may hear negativity or drama. And I am literally pouring everything I have into staying busy, focusing everything I have into preparing my family for me being out of commission, and remaining optimistic. The people who already know are praying with me, telling me I’m going to bounce through this, and are standing by my family to carry us on through. Yes, I know the risks. I know it’s going to be painful. It’s going to suck. I’m just not ready to let the rest of the world in. I’m sure someone will probably take it personal, but then again it’s my uterus, ovary, and cervix. They’ll get over it.


In the meantime, I’m delaying the major freak-out that is bound to happen before surgery. I know it’s coming because I stress about everything. I’m just trying to delay it a little bit longer. There’s nothing wrong with that this time.



We’re Saying Goodbye…Here’s the Bombshell

I’m sure some part of me should feel sadness or maybe some grief at this point. Maybe I should feel some sort of loss. Possibly some stress.

Instead I just feel relief. I feel peace and happiness. I feel hope. And I am trusting God in the journey He sets before me.

I admit that I felt a tiny bit overwhelmed the day after I received the news that I would be having a hysterectomy, but it was more over the fact that I had so much to do in preparation with only two weeks to do it. This bombshell was just dropped in my lap and I was literally left to deal with it.

I felt a little bit overwhelmed with telling our son. C and I have the type of relationship in which I have never sugar coated anything and I have always been very straight forward and open with him. I try to explain things well and honestly so that he isn’t scared or left in the dark. He’s a very intelligent child and I’d rather have him informed than let his mind wander. Fortunately he handled the news very well and so far hasn’t had too many questions. I am sure once we get through it he will have some different emotions since he’s so young.

I think I will struggle with recovery. I don’t accept help well from anyone but my husband and my parents. I am fiercely independent and I think this recovery may knock me flat on my behind. I don’t rest well and I don’t really know how to “take it easy”. I think somewhere I’m struggling with accepting that this will actually be a difficult recovery. I am seriously that stubborn. In my mind I keep telling myself that I cannot possibly need that much time to rest and recover. Surely that doctor doesn’t know how tough and fierce I am. I keep telling myself that I’m the same person who teaches Zumba® fitness through migraines and has taught while coming down with the flu. I’ve got this. Surely I, this fierce Zumba® Diva, cannot possibly be reduced to a sedentary mess for four whole weeks. Pssh. That’s for weenies.

And then this small (very small) voice of reason (and the internet….because everything you read on the internet must be true) tells me that this is one serious surgery and that I am stinkin’ out of my ever-lovin’ mind for thinking I am going to rest for a few days and slowly begin to ease back into life. And you may all feel free to laugh at me post-surgery when I’m a weenie and laid up for weeks. Trust me, I’ll be doing the exact same thing. We can laugh together. Life is absolutely not worth living if you cannot laugh at yourself, my friends.

In all seriousness, I am scheduled to have a hysterectomy. In May a large mass was found during a pelvic exam. I was referred to an oncology gynecologist who performed a biopsy of the mass. I praise God that this mass tested negative for cancer, but it did test positive for inflamed endometriosis. When my husband and I met with the doctor, he explained to us that the location of the endometriosis was concerning. Normally, you cannot diagnose someone with endometriosis without performing laparoscopic surgery and actually seeing it via surgery. Mine was visible and had broken through tissues. If left untreated endometriosis can spread and damage organs. We will not know the extent of it until the day of my surgery, but my doctor is very hopeful he can save one ovary because we want to hopefully prevent my migraines from getting worse. If we have to remove both ovaries, it could possibly make my migraines worse. I have them controlled better right now. Once we clean out the endometriosis, there is a chance that my migraines can even improve. I am very hopeful. Most of my migraines happen around my cycles and by eliminating them we are hopeful that most of my migraines will be eliminated.

I know many people wonder if we will regret the decision to lose my ability to reproduce, but my husband and I made the permanent decision years ago. C is our one and only together and we love spoiling him. Pregnancy was difficult for me and I am a one kid kind of mother. I love him so severely, but I love seeing him grow. There is just so much joy in that for me.

What’s the toughest part? I have to put life on hold for a bit. I’m on the go all of the time. I love my life and I fill it with family and friends. It’s not unusual for me and my son to play football together, for my husband and I to tackle some home improvement project, and for me to just jump at whatever plans anyone throws out there. I live for my Zumba® fitness ministry at church. How in the world do I put that on hold for four weeks? How do I sit on the sidelines? It blesses me beyond measure and the ladies are a major part of my life. They are my family and I have to take a break from them. It literally hurts my whole heart. How do I not dance when it fills every part of my entire life? From the time I wake until the time I unwind, there’s music and inspiration for dance. And my abdominal muscles will be weak, my insides butchered, and everything gutted. No tripping, no stumbling, no falling. No energy to even do it. According to the internet, where everything you read must be true. I’m fairly sure that is what will break my spirit in those weeks. It’s not losing organs or being gutted, it’s losing the ability to break free and dance. It’s losing the joy to laugh and cut up with my best friends during our favorite songs. It’s praising Jesus with them during the most amazing songs. I am literally losing that for weeks.


I have a little less than two weeks until my surgery and I am preparing my home, my family, my job, and everything around me the best I can to do well without me while I’m out. I want to share my experience with you and I don’t mind questions. If we’re buddies in real life, you can always come up and love on me when you see me before the surgery. If you pray, you can pray with me. And we can all hopefully say goodbye to my migraines. And if you’re part of my dancing family, let’s dance until I can’t, let’s praise Jesus through it all, and enjoy every single moment together until surgery day.

Quick Updates

Life has been full of football and home projects. I admit that we’ve been loving every minute of it. We are holding on to the last little bits of the summer season and getting geared up for a football filled fall.

My little one played in his scrimmage games at my Alma Mater and did very well. I absolutely love seeing him play football.

This year is really special because my husband volunteered to be an assistant coach on his team. You can tell our little boy is working extra hard on the field this year because after every awesome play he looks directly at his dad. I think it’s great motivation for him and it’s a perfect bonding opportunity for them both.

It’s pretty fun cheering for both of my guys on the field this year with our parents and our friends. C earned his first game sticker for his helmet in the first game of the season. I was so thrilled for him! I feel like the concept of the game is really starting to come together for him. That’s when everything gets really exciting!


I’m fairly quiet over here lately because we’re working on a great new project around the house and my husband has had me climbing a ladder quite a bit while he’s been digging a massive hole. I can’t wait to share it with y’all, but here’s a small peek at our latest purchase for the project….

Hang in here for the final reveal.

Lake Life

This week we filmed a new commercial for the marina and my family got to be in it. My little boy has been in every one of them so I signed him out of school early so he could be there. I am fortunate enough to work with my dad, brother and husband and we have a blast together. During the filming the employees get to run the newest Tracker and Triton boats and have fun on the lake. I have a fabulous job and I enjoy every minute of it!



C and I got to drive one of the new Triton bass boats and we loved it! My little boy loves fishing and he was in Heaven. He wanted to go fast and that’s exactly what we did. I made him hold on tight and we ran her wide open.


I’m pretty sure he didn’t know his mama knew how to drive a bass boat, so I think I impressed him just a little bit.


And he talked my ears off about fishing the whole time. The camera crew was on a large boat out on the lake and we rode past them several times. Caleb loved it and wanted to try to beat all of the other bass boats while we were out there.



Then we got our whole family on the beautiful Regency pontoon boat and took it out. I loved laying out on it.


My dad drove it while I just sat back and relaxed.


It was a nice break for my husband too. He’s normally working on the boats, so this time he got to play on them for a bit.


My brother and nephew loved it too! My nephew fell asleep for a bit and he was adorable. This was his first time in one of the commercials.





We were pretty much exhausted and ready for lunch. C was over the “smile and wave” act after about the fourth time. He was hungry.


My sister in law and I didn’t mind lounging on the pontoon though.




I was glad to be finished and finally get some food!



These babies were starving!





The weather was perfect, we got plenty of family time on the lake and we made some awesome new commercials… It was a pretty fabulous day!

Keeping It Simple

The first three days of going grain free have not been terrible at all. I honestly thought I’d be super cranky and mean, but I promise it has not been ugly.

On Monday I was able to start out solo with just me and my little boy at the house. My husband was on a road trip taking my stepchildren back to their other home. Since he was gone most of the day, I didn’t have him to distract me from my eating.


I stocked up the night before with hard boiled eggs, fresh watermelon, bananas, and two big salads with turkey and ham. When I’m eating alone, I keep everything really simple. My little boy had his school lunch and ate dinner with his daddy so I didn’t really disrupt his whole day.


Tuesday was a little trickier. My husband and I have had children glued to us almost every waking moment for the past six weeks. He wanted to go out for lunch and I had to get pickier. I had sausage and kraut, a baked potato and salad with no issues.

I had girls’ night later on and it was at one of my favorite restaurants. I am a huge Mexican food fan. Instead of binging on tacos and chips, I stuck with shrimp fajitas without the tortillas. It was still delicious!

I’m on day three now and I actually feel pretty amazing! Most days I wake up with some sort of head pressure or pain. I’m almost always in a migraine cycle or have some symptom associated with my migraines. More often than not, I am on medication to deal with the pain of my migraines. For the past three days, I haven’t needed it. There’s no head pressure, no pain, nothing. I’m not drained or sluggish. I am eating about every two and a half hours instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I’m totally okay with that. The scale is also starting to move down and I’m pretty much okay with that too.

A lot of people have questioned why I’m going grain free. I found out that rice is one of my main migraine triggers. I’ve read that gluten can sometimes cause severe migraines. I also have some other symptoms that lead me to believe gluten could be messing with my health. I wanted to give it a two week trial to see if my migraines improved on a grain free, gluten free diet before I went to my doctor for testing. I have seen more doctors and specialists in the past year and a half than most people can imagine. Honestly, I am sick of doctors and I am so over tests. It is important to be tested for gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, but I wanted to check first to see if this could possibly be something that I need to pursue first.

So….That’s where I’m at. I’m on day 3, the scale is going down, I don’t feel like crap, I still don’t like most doctors, I’m sick of hospitals, I want to heal my body and I am trying my best to figure it out, and my head doesn’t hurt so far so apparently something good is happening.

Okay…. Mama Hen talk time….

*** If you do not have an issue with gluten and you go on a gluten free diet for a long period of time, you can seriously mess up your body and cause your body to reject gluten. Make sure you consult your doctor if you think you may have an issue with gluten before going on a gluten free diet. If you do have a celiac disease, it is also important to get a diagnosis and adhere to a strict gluten free diet. Do not go on a gluten free diet and then go for testing. It will throw your test results way off! ***

Motivation Monday… And Help With Your Weight Loss Goals!

Alright… Today is Monday and all good, successful eating plans/diets/healthy lifestyles begin on Monday, right?

Well they do for me because today is the day that my sweet husband hit the road with my stepkids and returned them to their other home after a 6 week summer visit. My eating has been….poor/unhealthy/ugly….Okay, it’s been tacos. I’ve eaten a lot of tacos. What?!? I teach Zumba® fitness and I don’t know all of the lyrics so my mind thinks it hears “tacos” sometimes and then I just get hungry.

You may be new here. Well, I’m actually new here too. But I’m not new to this whole healthy living thing. I’m not even new to this whole blogging thing either. You can read all about why I made the switch {HERE}. Once upon a time I lost over 90 pounds and I had a blast doing it. I have a heart that wants to help others lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off. That’s why I teach Zumba® fitness twice a week and why I write. I had to take a step back for a year when my health problems took over my life, you can read about that {HERE}, but I’ve realized that my life feels really empty when I’m not taking care of my body and when I’m not helping others reach their goals too. I’ve mostly kept the weight off, but my eating hasn’t been great. I can honestly tell because I feel run down and sluggish.


I’ve decided to do a grain free, gluten free trial for health reasons. I figured since we’re going to jump into this thing together we might as well make it fun. I love my pasta and bread, so I am going to need some help sticking with this. What better way to kick this off than starting a DietBet? If you’ve never heard of them, it’s super simple. You have a month to lose 4% of your body weight. Everyone puts a certain amount into the pot and if you lose your 4% at the end you get your money back. If not everyone reaches their goal the extra is split between all of the winners. So you actually get to win money for losing weight!

My DietBet is only $35 to join. As long as you lose your 4%, you get that money right back. You can even win more money by playing! What else is included in that $35? I’m going to be supporting you, helping you, guiding you and showing you how to live a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be sharing tips and recipes as well in the group. I’m a busy wife and mom. I work full time and I teach Zumba® fitness twice a week. I know what it’s like to have a hectic life. I also know what it’s like to have health problems preventing you from losing weight as quickly as others. If you’re also one of those people, I want you to know there is hope and I can offer you support and guidance.


Make this decision for yourself and your family. You won’t regret any effort put into a healthier lifestyle!


If you’re ready to sign up for my DietBet beginning next week, just click {HERE}. I’m going to share my meals, progress, and fitness plans as well so check back in. Don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media channels to keep up with our progress!



Lake Life

The last weekend with my stepkids normally ends up being jam packed with tons of fun. Our boys are hooked on fishing and we definitely made sure they had plenty of opportunities to fish.

My husband ended up catching the biggest catfish of the night.

He was so excited and probably worse than all of the kids combined when he realized what was on the end of the line.

Saturday morning found us on the practice field bright and early. I am still in awe of how much he’s grown over the past couple of years. The left is when he started right before he turned 5 and the right is the beginning of his third year of football. I’m fairly sure C is going to be taller than me by the time he’s out of elementary school.

This year my husband is helping out on the field and C couldn’t be more excited to play. And I have to admit that I’m all excited about it too…

I love this picture… It reminds me just how much alike my two guys are.

We spent Saturday afternoon back on the boat.

I’m fairly sure there’s nothing better than cruising on our beautiful lake and enjoying a peaceful day on the water.

We had the best time fishing.

I literally got to lay out and bait no hooks. There is joy in having older children!

No trip out would be complete without an awkward family selfie!

Little dude and I are getting geared up for things to return to just me and him soon. He’s really going to miss his brother and sister when they return to their other home. But he has football, friends, and school to enjoy until they get back.

We ended our Saturday night with a huge shrimp boil. The only date night we’ve had in the past six weeks has been the occasional trip inside the grocery store together. It will be kinda nice to have this man to myself for a date in the near future.

We’re wrapping up our last day together and enjoying those moments as a family of five before they head back. Check back tomorrow as I start off my first day of grain free, gluten free eating and I have a comparison picture for all of the newbies here!

Going Gluten Free? Me???

I’ve been busy catching up on life after vacation. I’m one of those strange people who actually likes coming back from a vacation because it feels really awesome to have a break from life and then return with a sense of renewed purpose. On vacation I’m that person who thinks of goals and recommits to things in life. Yes, my husband calls me a nerd and I’m actually proud of it. It’s just who I am.

I have projects I want to complete around the house and things I want to accomplish. I work for a marina and summer is our busiest season. Things are beginning to wind down and I will have some time to work on things around the house. My to-do list is coming together and I’m so ready to get started.

Once my stepkids return to their other home after the summer I want to do a gluten free trial. If you’re new here, I suffer from migraines (read about it HERE) and I am still finding my triggers. I have recently discovered that I am violently triggered by rice. I haven’t met anyone else like me and there’s really not much information about a rice trigger, but there may be a link to gluten sensitivity or intolerance from what I’ve researched. It’s possible I may be sensitive to all grains. I’m not really sure yet, but I am willing to give it a try. My goal in the next few weeks is to eliminate grains, preservatives, and additives from my diet to determine if my migraines are in fact related to that. I chose to wait for my two stepchildren to go to their other home because I didn’t want to disrupt their diets and completely upturn the whole family for the last week of their stay. So I plan to start next week and see how it goes from there. I’ve created a Pinterest board {HERE} where I will be pinning recipe ideas to help me get through. You can follow along if you want to try it out with me!

I’m also ready to get back on track with my fitness goals. Summers are tough around here because we are normally running 100+ MPH with our family of 5 and we try to mesh two different families together with different eating styles. My husband and little boy don’t mind eating healthy with me all year long, but I try not to go all out with my stepchildren. I sneak in what I can and we compromise on the rest while they are here. Maybe going grain free for a couple of weeks won’t be so bad for my whole body… Ha!

I’m loving my new Tervis tumblers I picked up on vacation. One of my friends asked me to share my latest ones….

You can find the Anchor and Pearl Tervis {HERE}. It is super cute! There’s also a matching shirt I picked up too.

Simply Southern® - Compass Rose Glitter

And this is the Simply Southern Compass Rose Tumbler. You can find it {HERE}. They are both super cute.

I’ve been asked to include a food menu for my meal plan on Facebook. If you’re interested, please make sure you’re following my blog via email, Facebook, or anywhere else I hang out. I don’t mind sharing it at all as we go along. I provided the easy links below:


If you plan to join me next week, please leave me a comment below! Let me know what you’re curious about, any questions you may have, any concerns or struggles and I will address them in our first series post! 

First Day Jitters

Another school year rolls around for my sweet boy and that also means another year of football! I am a football mom through and through. From the moment he came home from the hospital, C wore our favorite team’s colors. This is his third year playing football and it gets more exciting every year. I am absolutely that crazy, screaming mom in the stands. I have no shame.


He also started school today and this is his the beginning of first grade. I adore his sweet toothless grin! Last year I prayed that he would be accepted by others and just have a love for school like I did. So far my prayers have been answered. I walked through the hall with him on registration day and precious children called out his name. He shyly waved to them in return and I just grinned. There’s nothing that makes me happier than knowing his has buddies. He was also excited to learn this year and happy to go back to school. We had a wonderful Kindergarten teacher that helped him fall in love with learning. I am praying that he continues to love it this year as well.


Even though he’s growing so quickly, he’s still my baby. As we jumped out of the truck this morning I reminded him that he knew exactly what he was doing. He looked over at me and Dad and told us he was a little scared. And just like last year, we both got to walk him into school and show him where to go again. Sometimes I think we forget that he’s still so little. It’s nice to slow down and enjoy him being our baby sometimes.


And since everyone’s comparing their sweet little ones… The left is Kindergarten and the right is First Grade!


Your Turn! 

How many sweet little ones did you take to school today? 

We’re packing C’s lunch this year. What healthy lunch ideas do you have for us? 

If your littles are grown, what do you miss most about the back to school days?