Hi, y’all! I’m a 30 something year old Southern wife and mama. I’ve been a blogger for almost 7 years, but I discovered that my weight loss blog only went so far when I lost 90 pounds and had no where else to go from there. There’s only so many ways you can bake chicken.

FullSizeRender (4)

I needed a space that grew with me and that didn’t lock me into just one tiny part of my life. If you’ve come here to just learn about baking chicken, you might get a little bored. Now if you want to know how we adopted 17 baby chickens and how my husband built me a fancy chicken house, then you might be entertained.

I am completely random. I absolutely love life and everything in it. I’m actually still figuring out the whole healthy living thing and I do want to talk about that, but I am actually so much more than that. I teach Zumba® fitness and I still eat tacos. I love coffee and reading, new recipes and DIY projects, shopping and boating.

I’m a whole lot of country and a ton of diva. You can ask all of my friends and my husband will confirm it as well.  I love monograms, anchors, and any shade of pink. I love quotes, Pinterest, pearls, and anything Southern. I’m a whole lot of sassy and my husband totally loves it. I love being a boy mom and football season. I admit that I’m probably getting the whole parenting thing way wrong, but my little one loves me despite all of that.

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I hope you’ll stick around and read for a bit. Leave me a comment if there’s anything else you’d like to know! Feel free to ask. I am pretty much an open book. Welcome and don’t be a stranger!


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