New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year, sweet friends! I haven’t been here in so long that I have a million things to catch up on. Life has been overwhelmingly amazing, encouraging, and eventful. I am trying my best to enjoy all of it and focus on being more present with the ones I love. Sometimes it means taking breaks from social media and the blog to invest in bigger things.

I am fully cleared from my emergency surgery. You can catch back up with that {HERE}. I’ll be honest, it was tough. At times I believe it to be a little more exhausting and frustrating than my hysterectomy. About a week into my recovery, I remember crying and just wanting to give up because I felt like I had no more energy to go through back-to-back recoveries. In both recoveries, week four was always my turning point and the time when I regained my energy, sense of well being, and felt like I was more like myself. I have never been more thankful to feel well in my entire life. 12 long weeks of recovery is exhausting and mentally tough.

If you want to know what I’ve been up to, it’s way easier to keep up with me on Instagram. I can post there in 30 seconds and keep running like crazy. You can follow me {HERE}.


My most exciting news for the new year is ministry based. Two of my closest friends and I launched our own dance fitness program at our church this year. We started praying over our Zumba® fitness program months ago. I had always struggled with many of the songs released by Zumba® fitness and some of the choreo. I feel like God led me to teach at my church for a reason and when I inherited the class, I also had the responsibility of following God’s guidance and direction for the ministry there. I began asking Him to use me for His glory and to direct my path however He chose. In my heart I knew things had to change and I didn’t know how to do it. Over time my best friends and I started kicking around an idea over and over. We’d throw it out, sometimes joking and then it became serious. I think mostly they were joking, but my heart just said, “Yes.”

I asked some of my closest Christian friends to begin praying with me over the program. It was months of prayer. I didn’t exactly know which direction the program needed to go, but I felt like God needed something to change. I prayed for God to just use me.

Nikki, Brandy, and I attended a Refit class last year and absolutely loved it. I was so pumped up about it and inspired that my husband suggested I get licensed to teach classes. I saved up enough money to sign up, but when I went online to register I discovered that they had cancelled the next date closest to me. I thought that possibly God was telling me no.

Fortunately, if it had all worked out I couldn’t have attended anyways due to all of my surgeries. God watched over me and His timing is always perfect. He is so good to me!

Nikki, Brandy, and I loved the creators of Refit’s story. They are three best friends who were Christian Zumba® instructors that chose to break from Zumba® and form their own dance fitness company. The more we talked about it the more we thought, “Why not us?”

We love and support Refit enough that we made the choice to get licensed to teach it as well. I feel like it will be great training for us. We love the founders as well. All three of us are now signed up! I have also decided to keep my Zumba® fitness license. I don’t believe all of it is bad and I believe that it will always be a piece of my life. When the three of us decided to overhaul our program for the new year, we got even more drastic. We wanted to offer a free toning class for our ladies in an effort to help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

With three different parts of our classes, three of us, and wanting to find something to represent our faith….we started throwing out names for our class. Finally we decided on TriFit. Our main goal is to represent our Christian faith (Holy Trinity), our great friendship, and the different aspects of our program.

We taught our first TriFit class this past Monday night and were blessed with 44 beautiful friends in class. We have had overwhelming support from our current ladies and new friends. All through the first class, I felt this peace in my heart finally that we were doing exactly what God wanted for our church. There’s no judgement. Just laughter, joy, and unconditional acceptance for all. And the most amazing part is that I get to do this with all of my friends. God is so good to me!

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