This weekend my little one turned 7! I am still trying to come to terms with him growing up so fast. I am struggling, y’all. Everyone tells you that time will fly and you politely nod your head to agree, but in all reality you have absolutely no clue. One moment I’m bringing him home from the hospital, the next I’m begging him just to sleep a little bit longer, and now I’m just begging him to slow down a little. I want to enjoy this age just a little longer. It’s passing too quickly.

And, oh how I love this age. I am not a fan of babies. I like rocking them, loving on them, and handing them back to their mama. C is my one and only for a good reason. He was worth the baby phase and I love him fiercely. He’s the one and only reason I would tolerate the baby phase ever. He’s that special. C at this age? So much more fun!

I surprised him with a kid’s version of a Fitbit since he has begged for one like mine. He had his on for 10 minutes and doubled my steps.

We hopped in the truck and made a doughnut run first thing for his birthday! We started the morning in pj’s, no makeup, and just glasses…

I got a fabulous new flavor! Peppermint Crunch might be my new fav for a bit.

We finally had his party and he was so excited. He wanted a football theme again this year. We eat, sleep, and breathe football this time of year.

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That afternoon my dad took him deer hunting and my husband assembled the deer stand we bought him for his birthday. He has been climbing our magnolia tree and shooting his bow from it. I have had some major hot flashes watching him climb this tree and try to balance everything. I can just see him falling backwards out of this tree and breaking something. So, I decided to do things my way. I bought a harness and a deer stand with a complete wrap around enclosure. I feel much better about this set up.

We snuggled up on the patio waiting for him to get home and surprise him.

And he was probably the happiest kid around when he noticed the one gift he’d been asking for was finally sitting in the yard!ย 

This precious boy means so much to me and I love celebrating him. He is so very loved and I am thankful God gave him to us.


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