Um, What Surgery???

I can’t even begin to process the chaos of the past several days. I’ve had a ton of questions from people and instead of answering everyone individually, I think this might be the easiest way to throw it out there. If you don’t handle medical discussions or female anatomy very well, this is not the post to read. You can check back in later. I’m totally cool with that.

I’m also on a fair amount of pain meds, so this may be highly entertaining. You can laugh along with me, cringe for me, and critique my grammar as necessary.

On Wednesday at lunch, my hunky husband decided I looked fabulous. So it all started with a kiss…

Later on…I stood up and the worst pain and pressure I’ve ever had hit me. I had blood and clear fluids (intestinal fluids) gush out. I told my husband we were in big trouble and to grab my phone. I called the on call nurse and she informed me that my doctor was in surgery all day. She instructed me to lie down, elevate my feet, and control the pain with meds from surgery. I tried to tell her this was extreme pain, but she explained that I couldn’t come in until the next day. I asked my husband to just hold me.

I tried to walk to the bathroom and my husband watched me stumble backwards into the wall. He describes it like I was shaking so bad that it looked like I was having a seizure. He ran to me and caught me. I had a blank stare and he yelled at me to get me to come to. About 15 seconds later, I did it again. When I came to a second time I just remember I couldn’t hear, my legs were having tremors from the extreme pain, and I didn’t understand why my husband was yelling at me. He called back and told the on call doctor what was going on about the same time I started vomiting from the pain. The on call doctor realized that I was the “fit Zumba girl” and she told him to get me to the hospital.

I don’t remember much after that. My husband says the emergency room was packed, but as soon as he brought me and told them what was going on I was taken immediately to a room. Every time I was moved, I vomited and tremored from the pain. They started morphine before they did an internal exam. The doctor had to suction quite a bit of blood out before they could examine me. I guess it didn’t really register how bad it was because she told us that my doctor would be over as soon as he was finished with his surgery and I would be going to the operating room.

The morphine worked well enough I took a picture and was able to explain to my dad how exactly this happened and listened to him ban my husband from touching me for the next ten years. And my friends and I cracked jokes for a bit via text. I’m so glad they were able to distract me from freaking out.


Before surgery, the morphine had worn completely off. I felt like I was being split in half. It was miserable. Fortunately they knocked me out for surgery. When I woke up and was taken to a room, my husband explained that my vaginal cuff had ruptured completely and that my intestines had come down. I had to stay one night in the hospital and have antibiotics through the night.

I went home the next morning and it has been a painful recovery. My mama and husband have been here every step of the way. This recovery feels ten times worse than the hysterectomy. My abdomen is so tender and bruised feeling. I am also right back at square one with my recovery plus some. I have all of my restrictions back on me for six weeks and poor hubby has even longer.

Mom has taken me out in the wheelchair and we’ve enjoyed shopping together. We’ve had the best time together. Just sitting and talking, eating, finding the best deals. We’ve enjoyed it all without letting me get frustrated by all of this mess.

She makes me a little motion sick in the wheelchair, but it’s better than sitting at home being bored!

Through all of this I was most worried about this sweetie. He was totally unprepared for this too. Now I’m back to doing all kinds of non-fun things again.

But we have spent a lot of time reading together and it’s been really precious. I love hearing him read and hearing the improvements he has made!


So…. I’m back to no Zumba, no cleaning, no driving, no loving on my husband, no football in the yard, and no dancing again for 6 weeks this time. Because we did nothing wrong. We did nothing abnormal. It was rare, happens to 1-4% of hysterectomy patients, and oh…this can happen again (even at 8-9 months out). Not even slightly kidding. I have PTSD and it’s crazy.


4 thoughts on “Um, What Surgery???

  1. Anna-Marie Foster says:

    Something told me it was all his fault lol jk. I pray you are feeling better soon and that this doesn’t happen to you ever again, hang in there!


  2. slimmingbsimcha says:

    Oh, what can I even say? Such a horrible horrible experience to go through. You write it with amazing humour though. I’m glad you survived to tell the tale and that you and your husband get over the trauma. A full and speedy recovery.


  3. Jenny Graber says:

    So sorry to hear you’ve had such an awful experience and setback. I’ll pray for a quick and permanent recovery for you! At least we’re heading into cooler weather and you won’t have to miss out on summer fun. Your attitude is great!


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