My little one’s team is going to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row! We had our play off game this weekend and his team did great. We are still undefeated and having a great time playing football!

These early morning games are coming to an end and it’s a little sad. He’s played on this team for three years and next year will have to move up. Many of his teammates will be moving up with him, so I know he will still have a lot of the same buddies.

I’m still laughing over my husband helping out on the team this year. That has probably been the most entertaining part of the whole thing. He’s gone from screaming in the stands to studying plays on the field. He works with these kids like they’re a college football team and I giggle watching them. But off the field my husband can walk into school with our son and I see the other kids come barreling up to him. I think it’s pretty sweet.

C got to be part of the coin toss and finally got a chance to carry the ball this game. He picked up a first down by running up the middle and I was so excited for him!

We are going to the Super Bowl in a few weeks and I am hoping we can pull off a big win! These kids have had such a good time together and have worked really hard to get this far.


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