Halloween 2016

Halloween this year was a blast! Like, we had so much fun doing things that I kinda sorta forgot to take pictures during the actual events… #momfail  or #momwin ?  I’ll let you decide.

So instead I played around on Snapchat before the fun started. So let’s pretend these are the awesome pictures of us dressed up….



No, wait…. I do have one halfway silly picture of our outfits from Saturday night! We were at the cabin with my family. My husband was a referee, my little boy was a football player, and I was a cop. That’s all you get….

Before we dressed up, the cousins played together and decorated pumpkins. This was actually my favorite part of the entire weekend. My little boy had a butterfly land on him and I was able to catch this great picture.

He was so still that it sat on him for several minutes.

We tried really hard to get a good picture of all the cousins together, but the youngest just wanted to grab the butterfly. This picture really shows their personalities off though!

My nephew was so content decorating his pumpkin. He was my little buddy this weekend. We stuck the stickers on it about 80 times.

This was the calmest all three of these kids were all weekend.


He passed out in the chair with me rocking him and we took a long nap. And yay for Snapchat for the costumes since I forgot to take pictures…..

The biggest #momfail ever? On actual Halloween night, this was the only picture I got of him in his costume. We even had a huge group of friends go trick-or-treating. Did any of us think to get pictures of our cute kids going door to door? Nope. We were all laughing, talking, and walking. Out of eight adults….four of us are photo obsessed. I’m just going to blame it on living in the moment and enjoying my people. #bestexcuseever #momwin


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