Transformation Tuesday

We haven’t really talked a lot about weight loss around here. I mean we kinda got off to the wrong foot. I started this pretty, little blog with intentions of talking about life and then everything just got flipped upside down. I’m more than ready to get back on track and talk about fun things.

My beautiful friends and I are kicking off a weight loss challenge next month and I’m leading a toning class before I teach Zumba® fitness. I want to start switching things up for myself and helping others reach their goals. I know the holidays are a difficult time to stay on track and I’m hoping we can help each other stay accountable.

I know many of you don’t know I was a weight loss blogger before I started this blog. Many of you don’t realize I’ve lost 90 pounds since my little boy turned two. I also have a lot of people who come to my Zumba® fitness classes thinking that I may have always been in shape. That is most definitely not the case!

I had to work hard to be where I am today. If you’re new and don’t know me, I’ll be happy to show you my before and now pictures. I’ve always struggled with my weight and when I got pregnant with my son, my weight spiraled out of control. I thought that I got a free pass to eat all I wanted because I was eating for two and that the pregnancy weight would just fall off when he was born. Unfortunately, that did not happen.


I was left with this beautiful boy, but I was a hot mess. I felt depressed, I had weight related health problems, and I chose to ignore all of it. I threw all of my energy into parenting my precious child.


I was living on the sidelines of our life together. I watched my husband and son play together and I photographed them. I hid behind a camera. I hid behind my son. I didn’t really have any friends because I stayed home with my family. Life was work and home.


On my son’s second birthday I was tired of feeling sick and tired. I made small changes and let them become a habit. At first, I did not tell anyone. I didn’t want to lose a little and fail. I finally had noticeable changes and it became exciting! I went from wearing a size 16/18 to wearing a size 6/8. After the first 60 pounds, I stalled out and my church started a Zumba® fitness program. Shy me stood in the back corner and tried the very first class. I became instantly addicted.


Over time I knew I wanted to teach classes, so I became licensed in Zumba® fitness and I actually started teaching at the very place I began taking classes. I absolutely love helping other ladies reach their fitness and weight loss goals.


But I mostly love being able to not hide behind my little boy. I love being a part of his life instead of sitting on the sidelines of his life taking all of the pictures. I love teaching him how to do things instead of watching my husband do everything. I love having lots of friends instead of just being secluded and insecure in life. I love trying on clothes instead of wearing maternity clothes while I wasn’t even pregnant…

Am I finished?

No way! I have fitness goals now that I am cleared from surgery. I did not gain any weight during my recovery and now that I’m feeling better I want to set new goals.

If you stopped by for fitness or weight loss help today, what do you want to see? And if you don’t mind, take just a quick second to share this post with your friends so we can help others in their own fitness and weight loss journey. It’s easier to lose weight with a friend! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for extra ideas for weight loss help and healthy tips along the way.


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