Projects and Changes

Fall is finally in the air and our weekend was much cooler. I love when seasons change and we get to enjoy different weather. My husband is not as thrilled with the chill in the air, but I am ready for cute boots and leggings. Now that I am feeling much better from my surgery, I ready for changes. I started with my hair. I am absolutely tired of wearing it up, so I chopped it off. I am loving it much better now. The only thing is that it never looks as perfect as right after I walk right out of the salon. I just need someone to do my hair for me every day.


I’m fairly sure my husband likes the new look. We spent the evening snuggled up on our patio watching TV. I’m loving our outdoor area and it has quickly become our favorite place lately. We’ve put so much work into it and really transformed it.


My child and I played around with Snapchat during commercial breaks. He’s such a dramatic child and I’m afraid he’s gotten that from me. My husband looks at us like we’re insane sometimes. Honestly, we really have so much fun together and I love his personality.

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Saturday we picked up some more things for our outdoor project and this kid was really helpful. While we were waiting for my husband to pick out things, we decided to see how tall he was. When he compared it to my height, we discovered I’m only 15″ taller than he is. He’s not even 7 yet….

Here’s a quick sneak peak at our latest mini-project…. We built a small deck for our grill and installed a horizontal wall to hide the a/c unit. It’s not finished and this is just a portion of what we’re working on, but I already love this area so much! This area will eventually be built in phases over time and will stretch across the back of the house, but for now we are loving the progress.

We are ready to kick off another week! I’m excited about Zumba® classes, football, and getting my house clean!!!


Your Turn! 

  • What did you do this weekend? 
  • Any tips for getting salon pretty hair at home? What products are you using?
  • What are you looking forward to with the cooler weather? 

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