Four Weeks

I finally made it to my four week post-op appointment and I was thrilled! Week four was by far my turning point in the recovery process. I definitely felt more like myself and over the past three days I definitely feel like I have not even had any type of surgery. My body feels more like normal. My energy levels are returning and I’m starting to really perk back up.

My appointment was very surprising. My husband and I were told that lab results revealed that I also had a fibroid along with my Stage IV endometriosis. There’s no wonder I had so much pain, hormonal disturbances, and migraine issues prior to my hysterectomy. I’m still a little stunned that I had been to three other gynecologists and no one discovered any of this. Looking back over the years I am fairly certain I’ve had some of these issues for many years. Only one treatment plan was ever offered to me, but it did not work for me. I had to suffer for years before one doctor finally helped me. I am just so thankful for this doctor.

My incisions have healed very well. The doctor told me I have had a great recovery because I was in great shape and was fit before surgery. It’s easier to bounce back, you heal quicker, and your incisions look better if you are at a healthier weight and physically fit prior to surgery according to my doctor.

I’ve had plenty of time to rest, talk with my friends, watch my little one play football, and enjoy life. It’s given me a much needed break and time to just slow down from such a busy life.

But I enjoy hectic and busy. I love being on the go. I like my independence and being able to clean my house. But this has shown me that it’s a good time to find balance. It’s okay to slow down, snuggle up to your husband on the patio and watch a little football. It’s okay to let the house just be chaotic for a few days. It’s okay to accept help from friends.

And it’s okay to celebrate the moments when you feel absolutely amazing and God has blessed you with a healthy body and the best friends and family a girl could ask for!


And it sure felt great to do this after being cleared from surgery yesterday! Bring on the Zumba® fitness….


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