We Did What???

I’m entering my fourth week of recovery and I sure didn’t do it lying down. Week three was one step forward and two steps back. But then towards the end I felt more and more like I was turning a corner. I listened to my body during week three and rested when I needed to and I am pretty sure that’s the smartest thing I could have done. Because let me tell you how we rolled into week four….

Friday night we decided to take C to his first haunted house with our friends. He has been begging us to take him. I have told him what to expect, I tried to prepare him, and I warned him multiple times. Still he begged.


It’s all fun and games until you see something alive….


My husband and I have not been to a haunted house since C was born. We love them!  Unfortunately C did not! He had to be carried in, while screaming for his mama, and was terrified. I laughed all the way through.



I’m pretty sure he thought he was just going on a hay ride through a field after the haunted house too. He wasn’t expecting creepy things to come out and hop on the trailer either. If my bestie hadn’t caught him first, I’m pretty sure he would have jumped off and ran through the field!

To be as scared as he was, he slept through the night in his own bed without any problems and woke up asking when the next one was. Apparently he likes being scared half to death.

Saturday was much more laid back. My husband continued working on our latest home improvement project. An outdoor TV has been high on his list since we moved into our new home last year. When I started showing him how I wanted to change our outdoor areas, he found a way to make it work. I am loving how our ideas are merging together and this area is coming along. I cannot wait to show you the final reveal!

I got so tickled this weekend. My sweet child has been so helpful and I cannot brag on him enough. He’s about to turn 7 in less than a month, but he has been so sweet to me. He has surprised me in some of the funniest ways. Since I haven’t been able to scrub the house like I normally do, it has been messier than I like. It drives me insane. I asked C for his help and I offered to pay him $7 since it was all of the cash I happened to have in my purse. He agreed immediately and we walked through the house together.

I cleaned counters and he scrubbed toilets, dusted, vacuumed, and helped with laundry. I was amazed that he did so much. My house was almost “Mama Clean” and it will get by until I am cleared from surgery this week! I got a ton of work done for just $7 though.

I also made a new dip I found on Pinterest. It was amazing!!! You can find it {HERE}. It’s appropriately named Hissy Fit Dip!



We took it to a football party and it was yummy!

One of my besties’ parents lives right across the street from us so the dip was hot right out of the oven. It worked out perfectly.



Early Sunday morning C and I got up for his first 5K. Two of my best friends did it with us.


I had signed up for this 5K months ago and I was hoping to PR it. But then I found out I had to have a hysterectomy and C offered to walk this one with me. He is the sweetest kid.


I am fairly sure he was overwhelmed by the amount of people at this race. This was a huge marathon, half, and 5K.


It was my worst time for a 5K ever, but I have never been more proud to do one. I got to be with my little boy for his first 5K, I got to witness him cross a race finish line for the first time ever, we both earned our first finisher medals, I did it one hundred percent migraine free, and I completed an actual 5K 3.5 weeks after a major surgery. I’m pretty sure it’s better than any race PR for me.



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