Life is returning to normal and I have welcomed it with open arms. Each day gets a little bit easier and I can tell I am healing very well. My energy levels are getting better and I am just ready to feel more like “me”.

I strapped on my FitBit finally and I am ready to see where I stand. I know it’s nowhere near my before surgery counts, but I figure it’s time to start measuring my progress. One of my best friends is ready to start pushing me along with my walking to help me build my strength back before I restart my Zumba® fitness classes in a couple of weeks. C and I also have our first 5K together in 13 days. Obviously we are walking this one.

If you’re a little squeamish, you might want to stop reading now. I’m going to show you my incisions. Mostly because this is my space and I talk about everything here. And my tummy is healing really, really well and I’m pretty proud of it!

See? Not so bad at all. I have five incisions and I don’t really notice them until I shower or when I tried to roll onto my right side a few days after surgery. I thought I was supposed to have four incisions, but I discovered the far right one that way a couple of days later. I’m not really sure why I have it, but I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when I go back for my follow up appointment.

My stomach doesn’t swell unless I sit upright all day either. Everything has healed very nicely and gone right back in place. I lost about 10 pounds before surgery and I have managed to keep it off so far. I am really pleased with that as well.

This weekend we went to my parents’ cabin two hours away. The ride wasn’t bad at all and I was able to rest with my whole family. My brother’s family was there and all of the kids played together all weekend. We had the best time watching the Tennessee/Georgia game and were thrilled with the outcome!


C has been so sweet and helpful during my recovery. I have been very open and honest with him about my surgery and he is thrilled to know he’s my only child. He has helped me around the house, helped me carrying things, and even vacuumed. When I told him that I was sad that I had to walk my upcoming 5K, he volunteered to do it with me. I am truly blessed with a loving child and I enjoy these moments with him.


My husband has also been so amazing at taking care of me. He has literally taken on the role of a single parent in our home since surgery. He has cared for all of us without complaining once. I just feel so fortunate to have them both in my life and I couldn’t have gone through all of this so easily without them.


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