Football Life

Fall is football season around our home. I am not kidding when I explain to friends and family that my husband and son have football games on morning, noon, and night. My little boy wakes up watching football and falls asleep to it. Gone are the days of cartoons in our home. Honestly I am quite glad. There are some really strange cartoons on now. I’d rather him watch football.


When we aren’t playing football, we are practicing or talking football. Or fishing. There’s always fishing. This is the life of a country boy mom. Most of the time I joke about it, but I truly love it. I refuse to miss any of his games. I was three days post-surgery and I told everyone that I was going to see him play.


So my husband got a step stool out so I could get into his truck and he got me to the football field. I figured I could sit at home or sit to watch him play. I did not care that I had pajama bottoms on. They were at least our team colors.


And it was worth it! We won and C played great. He caused two fumbles and recovered one. I love seeing him play and it’s always exciting.


I went home to rest and the guys went with my parents to see the Tennessee Vols play the Florida Gators. We love the Vols and it was an awesome game! They tailgated before the game and had a great time. I got a chance to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.



Our team won and it was an awesome game! I am so glad C got to see this game, but I’m afraid it furthered the love of football even more.


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