Quick Updates

Life has been full of football and home projects. I admit that we’ve been loving every minute of it. We are holding on to the last little bits of the summer season and getting geared up for a football filled fall.

My little one played in his scrimmage games at my Alma Mater and did very well. I absolutely love seeing him play football.

This year is really special because my husband volunteered to be an assistant coach on his team. You can tell our little boy is working extra hard on the field this year because after every awesome play he looks directly at his dad. I think it’s great motivation for him and it’s a perfect bonding opportunity for them both.

It’s pretty fun cheering for both of my guys on the field this year with our parents and our friends. C earned his first game sticker for his helmet in the first game of the season. I was so thrilled for him! I feel like the concept of the game is really starting to come together for him. That’s when everything gets really exciting!


I’m fairly quiet over here lately because we’re working on a great new project around the house and my husband has had me climbing a ladder quite a bit while he’s been digging a massive hole. I can’t wait to share it with y’all, but here’s a small peek at our latest purchase for the project….

Hang in here for the final reveal.


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