Lake Life

This week we filmed a new commercial for the marina and my family got to be in it. My little boy has been in every one of them so I signed him out of school early so he could be there. I am fortunate enough to work with my dad, brother and husband and we have a blast together. During the filming the employees get to run the newest Tracker and Triton boats and have fun on the lake. I have a fabulous job and I enjoy every minute of it!



C and I got to drive one of the new Triton bass boats and we loved it! My little boy loves fishing and he was in Heaven. He wanted to go fast and that’s exactly what we did. I made him hold on tight and we ran her wide open.


I’m pretty sure he didn’t know his mama knew how to drive a bass boat, so I think I impressed him just a little bit.


And he talked my ears off about fishing the whole time. The camera crew was on a large boat out on the lake and we rode past them several times. Caleb loved it and wanted to try to beat all of the other bass boats while we were out there.



Then we got our whole family on the beautiful Regency pontoon boat and took it out. I loved laying out on it.


My dad drove it while I just sat back and relaxed.


It was a nice break for my husband too. He’s normally working on the boats, so this time he got to play on them for a bit.


My brother and nephew loved it too! My nephew fell asleep for a bit and he was adorable. This was his first time in one of the commercials.





We were pretty much exhausted and ready for lunch. C was over the “smile and wave” act after about the fourth time. He was hungry.


My sister in law and I didn’t mind lounging on the pontoon though.




I was glad to be finished and finally get some food!



These babies were starving!





The weather was perfect, we got plenty of family time on the lake and we made some awesome new commercials… It was a pretty fabulous day!


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