Keeping It Simple

The first three days of going grain free have not been terrible at all. I honestly thought I’d be super cranky and mean, but I promise it has not been ugly.

On Monday I was able to start out solo with just me and my little boy at the house. My husband was on a road trip taking my stepchildren back to their other home. Since he was gone most of the day, I didn’t have him to distract me from my eating.


I stocked up the night before with hard boiled eggs, fresh watermelon, bananas, and two big salads with turkey and ham. When I’m eating alone, I keep everything really simple. My little boy had his school lunch and ate dinner with his daddy so I didn’t really disrupt his whole day.


Tuesday was a little trickier. My husband and I have had children glued to us almost every waking moment for the past six weeks. He wanted to go out for lunch and I had to get pickier. I had sausage and kraut, a baked potato and salad with no issues.

I had girls’ night later on and it was at one of my favorite restaurants. I am a huge Mexican food fan. Instead of binging on tacos and chips, I stuck with shrimp fajitas without the tortillas. It was still delicious!

I’m on day three now and I actually feel pretty amazing! Most days I wake up with some sort of head pressure or pain. I’m almost always in a migraine cycle or have some symptom associated with my migraines. More often than not, I am on medication to deal with the pain of my migraines. For the past three days, I haven’t needed it. There’s no head pressure, no pain, nothing. I’m not drained or sluggish. I am eating about every two and a half hours instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I’m totally okay with that. The scale is also starting to move down and I’m pretty much okay with that too.

A lot of people have questioned why I’m going grain free. I found out that rice is one of my main migraine triggers. I’ve read that gluten can sometimes cause severe migraines. I also have some other symptoms that lead me to believe gluten could be messing with my health. I wanted to give it a two week trial to see if my migraines improved on a grain free, gluten free diet before I went to my doctor for testing. I have seen more doctors and specialists in the past year and a half than most people can imagine. Honestly, I am sick of doctors and I am so over tests. It is important to be tested for gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, but I wanted to check first to see if this could possibly be something that I need to pursue first.

So….That’s where I’m at. I’m on day 3, the scale is going down, I don’t feel like crap, I still don’t like most doctors, I’m sick of hospitals, I want to heal my body and I am trying my best to figure it out, and my head doesn’t hurt so far so apparently something good is happening.

Okay…. Mama Hen talk time….

*** If you do not have an issue with gluten and you go on a gluten free diet for a long period of time, you can seriously mess up your body and cause your body to reject gluten. Make sure you consult your doctor if you think you may have an issue with gluten before going on a gluten free diet. If you do have a celiac disease, it is also important to get a diagnosis and adhere to a strict gluten free diet. Do not go on a gluten free diet and then go for testing. It will throw your test results way off! ***


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