Lake Life

The last weekend with my stepkids normally ends up being jam packed with tons of fun. Our boys are hooked on fishing and we definitely made sure they had plenty of opportunities to fish.

My husband ended up catching the biggest catfish of the night.

He was so excited and probably worse than all of the kids combined when he realized what was on the end of the line.

Saturday morning found us on the practice field bright and early. I am still in awe of how much he’s grown over the past couple of years. The left is when he started right before he turned 5 and the right is the beginning of his third year of football. I’m fairly sure C is going to be taller than me by the time he’s out of elementary school.

This year my husband is helping out on the field and C couldn’t be more excited to play. And I have to admit that I’m all excited about it too…

I love this picture… It reminds me just how much alike my two guys are.

We spent Saturday afternoon back on the boat.

I’m fairly sure there’s nothing better than cruising on our beautiful lake and enjoying a peaceful day on the water.

We had the best time fishing.

I literally got to lay out and bait no hooks. There is joy in having older children!

No trip out would be complete without an awkward family selfie!

Little dude and I are getting geared up for things to return to just me and him soon. He’s really going to miss his brother and sister when they return to their other home. But he has football, friends, and school to enjoy until they get back.

We ended our Saturday night with a huge shrimp boil. The only date night we’ve had in the past six weeks has been the occasional trip inside the grocery store together. It will be kinda nice to have this man to myself for a date in the near future.

We’re wrapping up our last day together and enjoying those moments as a family of five before they head back. Check back tomorrow as I start off my first day of grain free, gluten free eating and I have a comparison picture for all of the newbies here!


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