First Day Jitters

Another school year rolls around for my sweet boy and that also means another year of football! I am a football mom through and through. From the moment he came home from the hospital, C wore our favorite team’s colors. This is his third year playing football and it gets more exciting every year. I am absolutely that crazy, screaming mom in the stands. I have no shame.


He also started school today and this is his the beginning of first grade. I adore his sweet toothless grin! Last year I prayed that he would be accepted by others and just have a love for school like I did. So far my prayers have been answered. I walked through the hall with him on registration day and precious children called out his name. He shyly waved to them in return and I just grinned. There’s nothing that makes me happier than knowing his has buddies. He was also excited to learn this year and happy to go back to school. We had a wonderful Kindergarten teacher that helped him fall in love with learning. I am praying that he continues to love it this year as well.


Even though he’s growing so quickly, he’s still my baby. As we jumped out of the truck this morning I reminded him that he knew exactly what he was doing. He looked over at me and Dad and told us he was a little scared. And just like last year, we both got to walk him into school and show him where to go again. Sometimes I think we forget that he’s still so little. It’s nice to slow down and enjoy him being our baby sometimes.


And since everyone’s comparing their sweet little ones… The left is Kindergarten and the right is First Grade!


Your Turn! 

How many sweet little ones did you take to school today? 

We’re packing C’s lunch this year. What healthy lunch ideas do you have for us? 

If your littles are grown, what do you miss most about the back to school days? 


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