No Coffee Before Class

This week has been exhausting. I forgot to turn off my FitBit after Zumba® class the other night and it kept running. I thought my calorie burn looked much better!

We were lucky enough to discover a water leak from the water company before things got completely out of control. We’ve been in a drought and it wasn’t too difficult to spot the problem. When the grass is doing well in one area of the yard and everything else is burnt, you pretty much have a good idea where your leak is.

Luckily my boys don’t mind working. Unfortunately for me, the leak was right under our stone walkway. It’s actually okay because my husband knows how to fix things and we can put it back just like it was.

No wonder we ended up with a $200 water bill! I’m so thankful we discovered it in the same month it happened. We were so fortunate. Our water company was so kind to alert us when they read the meter. I’ve had a water company that just sent us a large bill and let it run. Now we just have a big mess to fix, but that’s not terrible.

My husband and I have enjoyed beautiful evenings together outside on our patio. When the moon rises over the mountain it’s simply stunning.

Several weeks ago we made the decision to bring our camper home from the mountains where it had stayed for years. We didn’t have the time to use it there like we had hoped and we made the decision to travel with it instead. As soon as we brought it home, I started deep cleaning it from top to bottom. This week I made it to the carpet. I steam cleaned the carpet and it is amazing to see the grime that came out of it. I finally feel like it is clean enough to stay in. I’ve bleached everything and sanitized every inch of that camper. Now I can finally start setting it up to travel.

This small child has been so funny. While I’ve been plotting how to arrange things in the camper, he’s been organizing his fishing tackle box and plotting how to catch monster fish. Every conversation is about fishing it seems.

My dad and I always attend our area’s annual NRA dinner each year. This year we took my stepdaughter on our father/daughter date too. We were secretly hoping she would be our lucky charm and we’d win another firearm this year.

I always enjoy getting dressed up and having dinner with my dad. I’m so happy we could include my stepdaughter this time.

My besties and I discovered last week that coffee, cream and sugar before Zumba® class does not work well. We were a little icky feeling about ten minutes into class. I thought we could use the extra caffeine pep, but the cream decided otherwise.

We were glad to survive that class.


Your turn….

How are you spending your week? 



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