Online Grocery Shopping and $10 Off Your First Order!

I’m pretty sure grocery shopping with kids is one of the worst things ever. Actually I hate grocery shopping in general. I normally find out I’ve missed something on my list when I am five aisles past where the item is located in the store. It totally messes with my OCD. Every store is laid out different and that’s pretty much frustrating. Then you throw in the fact that I’m an impulse shopper… Yeah, it’s a bad combination. It takes me forever to go grocery shopping and I hate it.

I am actually loving something right now though. Walmart grocery shopping online is pretty amazing! You can literally buy just about anything they have and they will deliver it right to your car for FREE!!! No walking around the store with a 6 year old asking for twenty different things. No missing things on your list. No impulse buys. No overspending. Just finding exactly what you need and keeping it simple. It saves me a ton of time and money. I am way too busy to spend all this time grocery shopping when someone can grab it for me. It’s kinda awesome that it creates jobs for someone in need and it helps us busy ladies out too!

There’s always a new Pinterest recipe I’m dying to try out. But by the time I get to the store I’ve forgotten to jot down the ingredients or I’m too tired to try anything new. Now I can pull up the new recipe on Pinterest, plug in the ingredients on the Walmart Online Grocery Ordering search bar and enter the quantity needed.

Everything we’ve ordered has been fresh and in perfect condition. Our ice cream has come out frozen when loaded into the car. Our eggs have never been cracked either and I am so picky about that.

Did I mention this was absolutely free? And they are always super sweet when they deliver your groceries to your car, but they won’t let you tip them. We’ve tried. It gets even better… I have a code you can click {HERE} to get $10 off your first order!



Have you tried it yet?



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