Cloudy Skies

What do you get when you put all five of us together? Mass chaos. We took our crew to the drive-in to see The Secret Life of Pets. It was really cute and we ate way too much popcorn and candy. The little one in the middle? That one is mine and he’s slightly crazy.

We had grand plans to use the boat this weekend, but the weather decided against that. After getting everything loaded up and finally getting our act together, we had a beautiful storm blow in. The storms on the lake can be so pretty. I don’t want to be caught in them, but I can appreciate them from the truck.


We finally got to enjoy some time outside this weekend. Our coonhound checked on the chickens with me one evening. She’s the biggest chicken of them all. Smokey is terrified of the birds and will not get close to them. Even when they were chicks she ran from them.

We enjoyed some of the prettiest skies this weekend. My husband and I sat outside together and watched the sun set. It was so peaceful and sweet to just sit beside him on the golfcart and talk with him. We have all three kids running around like crazy lately. We barely have time to just breathe so this was nice.

I enjoy helping him take care of the chickens in the evening and finish up odd things around the house. We knock a few things off our never ending to-do list before settling down for the night.

I caught one more picture of the sky from the other direction. I think the sky is prettiest out here right after a storm. We love living here.

I’m fairly sure our most eventful part of the weekend was when Smokey pulled a Houdini. She broke out of her crate after her bedtime and we went to check on her before we started movie night. I was so upset that I’d have to tell my little boy his pet disappeared. Around here dogs like her are often stolen. We all searched for her and luckily she didn’t run far.

And I never had to tell my little boy what happened while he slept.

How’d you spend the weekend? 

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