Finally Friday

Happy Friday, y’all! This week has been one of those random, quirky weeks that just doesn’t make sense or fit together at all. My workouts have been fabulous and my eating has been great the majority of the time.

We’ve been pretty inspired with our choreo in class lately. For some reason our creativity and throwing in new songs has been rapid in the past weeks. Maybe we’re bored. I don’t know, but I love it. You can really tell we’re pumped up in our workouts though!


One of my aunts passed away unexpectedly yesterday. And my sweet friends were right there with me loving on me through it. We danced, prayed and laughed through the sadness. One of my dearest friends knows me best and brought comfort food. I totally did not share and I do not feel guilty not one little bit. (They did have my name on them…)

I admit that I have a slight obsession with cute shirts with quotes. I literally cannot stop myself.

This sweet boy and I have played around with Snap Chat a few times. He’s loving the silly faces.

I feel like I must show you something healthy since I showed you doughnuts in this post! Most of the time I do crave a healthy salad over sweets. It’s tough getting into the habit of eating this way, but once you are there it gets easier to eat this way. It may sound absolutely absurd at first but I promise it is true. I am the biggest carb loving girl ever. I love sugar and I love carbs so if I can do this, anyone can.


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Now it’s your turn: 

  • What are your weekend plans? 
  • How did you stay active this week? 
  • What do you throw on your salads? 

Comments make my day, by the way! I love talking to you guys.


3 thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Crystal McClure says:

    That was chemo week. But I am happy to tell you that it went flawless. I had no side effects. I was able to follow through with my weekend plans – which included a lot of family time and meeting a local singer from Decatur. 🙂

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