Time Out Tuesday

This week has already been so much fun! I’ll slow down for just a moment to catch you up. Monday night’s Zumba® fitness class was one of my most favorite. The ladies suggested songs during the day and we threw together a great playlist. When I checked my calorie burn for the class, I was stunned. I haven’t seen anywhere close to this in a really long time! I was actually energized enough to keep going for a few more songs, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the group would have killed me.


Instead we went to the store to pick up kayaks for my stepkids! I ordered them a few weeks ago and they finally arrived before our vacation. I’m pretty sure these will get plenty of use this summer. Now everyone has their own to play around in.

Actually loading them into the truck and getting them home ourselves was the tricky part. We had zero help, we had one strap and two ropes. Not a fabulous combination, but we made it work.

Apparently we had a Peeping Tom at dinner one evening as well. This guy at the restaurant proceeded to peer over our shoulders during our meal the entire time so we snapped a selfie with him….several times until he stopped. We couldn’t stop laughing!

This is my favorite place to have lunch. My front porch is peaceful and quiet most of the time until all of my people follow me outside. I come out here to watch cars drive by and deer eat in the field. It’s one of my favorite places to drink coffee too.

I rescued a baby bird from the parking lot at work this weekend. He wasn’t doing well at all and I had no idea where his nest was. I tried my best to stick him in a nice, shady safe place but he had none of that. As soon as I sat him down, he followed me. We tried three different times and he would not stop hopping after me. So I took him home and we read about how to rescue a baby bird. In the process my six year old fell in love. It was a hard, fast, head over heels type of love. And within 24 hours the bird just didn’t survive and I was left with a heartbroken child who didn’t understand. He cried, drew pictures of the bird in Heaven, and then cried some more. My husband and I spent time hugging him, talking him through it and just trying to help him understand the trauma this bird had been through. The little boy who didn’t bat an eye at a dead chicken we’ve raised from a chick for months on Friday apparently lost it over a baby bird he’d known less than 24 hours. Children work in mysterious ways.

I work at a marina and our waters are beautiful this time of year. I am so fortunate to wake up and see this view every day. I must admit that it really doesn’t get old and I can always find the beauty in this place after spending 24 years around here.

This week is all about projects and getting things in order around our house. My to-do list is a mile long and I’m crossing things off. It just feels good to get the opportunity to do that. I’m fairly sure my list keeps growing though. Isn’t that the way it works?

Your Turn! 

  • What are you working on this week? 
  • How many calories are you burning in an hour? 
  • How are you tracking your calorie burn? 
  • Is your to-do list growing like mine???? 
  • Any kiddos getting emotional? 



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