What I’m Doing Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning, friends!

There’s probably nothing better than sitting on my patio, drinking a warm cup of coffee, watching the day begin. I may have a slight obsession with coffee, coffee cups, and all things caffeine related. There may possibly be a ban on Tervis cups and new pj’s at my house by my husband. And then again I may possibly be sneaking them in when he’s not looking. I can neither confirm nor deny these things.

And I am fairly sure this is my next cup… You can find it {HERE}.

We are planning a big camping vacation this year and I am stocking up our camper with all new essentials. I got a big shipment in this week and I cannot wait to set everything up. My husband and I decided it was time to take our camper and travel some. This whole thing is new to us. For our whole relationship we’ve rented a lot and stayed in one place. This will be totally different, but very exciting. I cannot wait to unpack these boxes!


I’ve been sticking to my goals for the month so far and I’m eating at home more. It’s possibly because I have five people at my house this summer. It saves a lot of money. So I figure I win all the way around. My quick and easy breakfast has been a toasted English muffin with melted Gouda cheese and turkey sausage. We are normally running out the door carrying one in the mornings.

IMG_6765 (1)

I have also found my new theme shirt for the month. Maybe even my whole life. I saw it and knew it was meant to be mine.


This week has been all kinds of crazy and fun. We’ve done fireworks, stayed up way past our bedtime, and possibly eaten way too many awesome things.

So let’s hear it:

  • What are you doing this Wednesday?
  • Any special quotes on your favorite coffee cup?
  • What’s your go-to quick healthy breakfast?



5 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Wednesday

  1. theguardian1031 says:

    I know this is a few days old, but it just showed up in my reader newsfeed for some reason. I’m obsessed with coffee as well. Having to cut down on how much I drink of it and replacing a good portion of that amount with water. Hubby is scared…

    I have one large mug that I paid $4 for at Walmart that says, “What am I doing out of bed?” It became my staple mug for Daylight Savings when I could barely keep my eyes open. The dog would whine and I’d glare and growl. That’s another thing I’m trying to work on (being a morning person). I tend to hiss at light, groan at the sun and whimper like a child because “I don’t wanna.” I’m never normal. LOL!


    • thecountrydivablog says:

      This made me crack up this morning! My mug this morning is huge and says “But first, Coffee”… I love it! I am really trying to cut back my coffee too. I’m down to maybe two cups per day. They are huge cups, but who’s really counting?!?

      I’m so glad you stopped by! You really cracked me up on a Monday morning!


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