No Pressure

What I’ve noticed over the past couple of days, is that there is a lot of freedom in writing when no one else realizes you have a blog. It’s actually very inspiring. I can sit down at night once again and just type for the fun of it. There’s no pressure.

And then there’s no pressure in losing weight if no one knows you’re doing it, right?

When I first started my weight loss journey, I told NO ONE. Mostly out of fear of failure. Many of us do that. We don’t want to tell our friends and family that we failed to lose the weight again. I get it. I’ve been there.

Taking the pressure off and just doing things for the simple joy and to see if we can accomplish them is quite motivating. I have considered a monthly challenge just to see what I can do without pressure and without anyone else watching.

My goals for this month will be:

  1. Drink more water each day.
  2. Prepare meals at home for my family.
  3. Find ways to fit more activity into my days.

I plan to start small and update you at the end of the month. I stay super busy during the summer so picking my top three will make a big difference for me. I’m also going to do a before and after picture for later. I don’t have a huge amount to lose, but we do have an August vacation planned and I’d like to slim down some for that!




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